VBeam is just one of the many tools the skincare specialists at Kwan Dermatology use to eliminate problem areas and help you be your most beautiful. But the number and types of cosmetic lasers can confuse people looking for targeted, painless treatment of a variety of aesthetic problems. Here, we’ll outline five uses for VBeam treatment.

1. Rosacea

VBeam is perhaps best known for its ability to reduce or eliminate redness due to rosacea. Rosacea can cause visible blood veins, acne-like symptoms, and redness, usually around the eyes and forehead. Because VBeam has multiple light settings to treat multiple types of symptoms, it can be highly effective in treating multiple symptoms of rosacea in a single treatment session.

2. Spider Veins

Caused by the weakening of blood vessel walls, spider veins result in skin redness or darkening as well as visible veins around the affected area. The VBeam laser focuses energy on the damaged blood vessels, causing them to constrict and reduce the appearance of the veins and redness.

Spider veins can be caused by aging, skin damage from sun exposure, or more temporary causes like pregnancy or certain medications. While VBeam treatment won’t cure permanent spider veins, it can dramatically reduce the visibility of symptoms.

3. Wrinkles

Due to its versatility, VBeam laser treatments can also stimulate your skin’s natural production of skin-tightening compounds like elastin and collagen with no downtime. The laser is best utilized in small, specific areas, so it is usually not recommended for treating large areas of skin. Other remedies for wrinkles and skin sagging include Omnilux and Ultherapy. Dr. Kwan and the experts at Kwan Dermatology will determine if VBeam or some other laser skin treatment is right for you during your initial consultation.

4. Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can happen to nearly anyone, and their appearance can be detrimental to a person’s emotional health. VBeam laser is a highly effective treatment for all kinds of damaged vascular or darkened skin areas, including stretch marks. Like other cosmetic lasers, VBeam stimulates your skin’s creation of new, healthy tissue in highly specific problem areas.

5. Acne and Other Scars

Another important role that VBeam laser plays in improving skin appearance is by reducing the visibility of scars. Because of this, VBeam is often used to aid in the healing process after cosmetic surgery. The laser treatment targets damaged scar tissue to break it up and allow the body to reabsorb it, while simultaneously evening the color on the surface to reduce the scar’s appearance.

Schedule Your VBeam Laser Consultation with Dr. Kwan

From wrinkles to rosacea, VBeam laser therapy targets precise problem areas in a pain-free way. VBeam treatment may be part of a complete care plan for achieving your ideal skin. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kwan today to find out how you can be your most beautiful self.