The Kwan Dermatology team provides both cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments. When we first meet someone seeking a cosmetic dermatology treatment, they often share how they have either been living with a troublesome condition or concern, or have been thinking about a making a physical change for some time. Our entire team is keenly aware that there are often very intense emotions that can arise from certain physical conditions or appearances. For instance, someone with moderate to severe acne can be deeply emotionally impacted by this skin condition. Then, acne scars that often appear as a result of untreated or poorly treated acne can cause them to carry a lifetime of emotional challenges.

We live in a selfie world where people from a very young age are now feeling far more pressure to conform to society’s idea of beauty. Our entire team has noticed this shift, and are highly concerned about the emotional ramifications we witness every day. While our work is exceptionally rewarding because we see the difference we can make in our lives of the patient, we also think it is our duty as human beings to help shine a light on what is naturally beautiful about each and every person who walks through our doors. While we are happy to eradicate a birthmark, or help someone feel more youthful and vibrant through various cosmetic treatments, we hope that when they leave our office we have helped them to focus on what makes them uniquely beautiful, on the inside and out.

In regards of our medical patients, we encourage them to contact us the moment they notice something unusual that is not going away on its own. Skin cancer now ranks as the 6th most deadliest form of cancer in America. Like all cancers, diagnosing skin cancer early is a critical part of effectively treating it. It is very important to get checked by a dermatologist the minute you notice something unusual.

Our founder, William Kwan, MD, is a renowned dermatologist and a world-leading expert in the care and treatment of ethnic skin. While we treat all skin types and conditions, the entire Kwan Dermatology team is especially knowledgable about the unique needs of darker skin tones, especially hyperpigmentation, commonly known as brown skin spots.

We would like to thank our existing patients for their loyalty and look forward to seeing you all again.

If you are reaching out to us for the first time, we are delighted to welcome you to Kwan Dermatology and look forward to meeting you.

Led by our founder, William Kwan, MD, the Kwan Dermatology team is proud to care for our patients and to provide the very best treatments available today. We strive to be on the leading edge of technological advancements in the field of dermatology. From the latest in laser treatments, to the newest injectable and skin care products, we stay educated on the most effective cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments available and at times are part of pioneering new treatments. While having the best state-of-the-art technology at our fingertips is a critical element in achieving the results our patients desire, our years of experience and medical training, along with our aesthetic eye, allow us to notice the most minute detail. This attention to detail allows us to customize your treatment plan and create consistent, precise results in line with your goals.

If you are an existing patient, we thank you for your loyalty. If you are a new patient considering coming to Kwan Dermatology, we look forward to meeting you, caring for your needs, and helping you be your own beautiful.