At Kwan Dermatology, we believe that every person deserves to have a complexion that makes them feel confident. With advances in acne treatments and laser technology, you can get rid of your acne and effectively maintain clear, smooth skin.

Personalized Acne Treatments in San Francisco

Just as you are unique, your acne condition is unique to you as well. This is why it is important to have your acne assessed by a board-certified dermatologist who can accurately diagnose your condition in order to effectively treat it.

Our medically trained team approaches your acne treatment process as a partnership with you. We begin by carefully devising an achievable acne plan, based on your:

  • Type of acne
  • Skin condition
  • Lifestyle
  • Schedule
  • Health insurance coverage, as we always make a concerted effort to stay within your coverage range and personal budget

As experts in treating ethnic skin, we are painfully aware that some skin conditions on darker skin tones can be falsely diagnosed as acne and result the wrong treatment plan. Rest assured that Dr. William Kwan, a board-certified dermatologist, misses no details in his diagnoses of acne in clients with darker skin tones.

Causes and Forms of Acne

Acne is largely considered to be linked to your genetics, but can be exacerbated by hormonal changes, stress, inflammation, and other factors. The most common forms of acne are: hormonal acne, cystic acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Hormonal acne generally follows a pattern corresponding to your hormonal cycles. Cystic acne is the result of bacterial infections in skin pores and is commonly linked to oily skin types. Whiteheads and blackheads are extremely common and can occur almost anywhere on the face or body. Both whiteheads and blackheads occur due to clogged pores.

Whatever form of acne you are experiencing, the Kwan Dermatology team is here to help you. We are proud of the results we have achieved for our acne patients, through treatment options such as prescription oral and topical medications, as well as laser and light therapies. But beyond the clear, smooth complexion we help our patients achieve, our greatest reward is in providing the emotional support you deserve to have throughout our acne healing partnership together.

San Francisco Acne Treatments

At Kwan Dermatology, we use the latest medical equipment paired with the expertise of our medically trained staff to craft a personalized acne management plan for our patients. There are many effective ways to successfully treat and control acne and acne scars in San Francisco, and Dr. Kwan will help you create a custom treatment plan during your consultation.

Blue Light Therapy

The cause of more severe forms of acne is harmful bacteria that have infected clogged pores, causing redness, pus accumulation, and inflammation. To kill these bacteria and help even skin tone, blue light therapy consists of applying a sensitizing solution to the skin and shining a specific wavelength of blue light on the affected area. The light penetrates to deeper layers of the skin and interacts with the solution as it’s absorbed, killing bacteria and other potentially harmful skin cells.

Fraxel Laser Treatment

To treat acne scars and achieve truly clear skin, the Fraxel laser may be an effective option for reducing the appearance of scars and stimulating collagen production. Fraxel works by isolating tiny pixel-sized portions of skin and hitting them with a precise laser that destroys damaged skin cells, causing new, clear skin to grow in its place.

During a Fraxel laser therapy session, you will receive a numbing cream to minimize discomfort, then the laser is maneuvered around the treatment area. After treatment, your skin will feel slightly sunburnt, and over the course of the week, you will start to notice the results.

Omnilux Laser Treatment

Another light therapy effective at killing acne-causing bacteria as well as reducing redness and inflammation. The Omnilux treatment includes blue light therapy to kill bacteria within the skin, and also includes treatment with Revive Light, which soothes and rejuvenates skin damaged by acne. Revive Light is a red wavelength that reaches deep below the surface to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen, increasing skin elasticity and evening skin tone throughout the treatment area.

The benefit of Omnilux and other light therapies is that they are totally painless and versatile. In a single treatment session at our Bay Area clinic, you could treat, heal, and/or help maintain results from acne-related skincare issues.

Schedule an Acne Treatment Consultation

There are no words to express the joy we feel when we witness our patients’ confidence grow as their acne heals. It is such an honor for us to see the smile on our patients face when after successfully healing their original acne condition and then holding up the mirror to discuss a continuing acne management program.

If you are experiencing moderate to severe acne that is troubling you, don’t hesitate to contact the skin care professionals at Kwan Dermatology. To start the conversation about your acne issues and how our services can help, call us at 415-569-3868 or contact us online. Don’t wait—smooth, clear skin may be just an appointment away.

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