It may seem surprising to some that most people with psoriasis are generally overweight. Recently, the National Psoriasis Foundation has set out an easy-to-follow dietary guideline for adults with this condition. It’s thought that patients with psoriasis who are able to get down to an ideal weight are going to be able to have more controlled symptoms. At Kwan dermatology we are always looking for different ways to help our patients dealing with conditions like Psoriasis.

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that is a result of an overactive immune system. The symptoms of this condition are red, white, and silvery patches of the skin, along with inflammation and flaking. These patches can occur anywhere on the body, with the most common being on the scalp, lower back, knees, and elbows. This condition is considered chronic. Treatments include occlusion, light therapy, oral medications, and steroid creams from Kwan Dermatology.

One important thing to note from the start is that new dieting guidelines are to be administered alongside regular psoriatic disease treatment. One is not a substitution for the other, but they work best when in conjunction with one another. To help you to better understand the diet, we’re going to break it down into easy-to-read sections below.

Gluten-Free Diet

As part of the dieting study, the doctors wanted to identify whether or not a gluten-free diet would make a difference. The conclusion came that a gluten-free diet itself makes no difference in patients with psoriasis unless they have other serologic markers. This type of diet is preferred for those who have psoriasis in conjunction with celiac disease or other problems.

Dieting Supplements For Patients

Most psoriasis patients are very used to using some sort of dietary supplement, with the most popular being fish oil. In the studies that were analyzed, fish oil was shown to have varying effects. Overall the fish oil did not reduce the severity of the psoriasis symptoms. It was only shown effective in very high dosages, which are not recommended.

Vitamin D

Another popular dietary supplement that has been recommended by some doctors in the past. Taking a look through the studies spanning over a six-month period, vitamin D was only effective with limiting symptoms in patients with erythrodermic psoriasis. It was not shown effective at treating or preventing the psoriasis condition.


Selenium is an essential nutrient that many individuals with psoriasis have a deficient amount of. In one small study, those with erythrodermic psoriasis were given selenium alongside coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E. It was shown to have a positive benefit alongside traditional therapy. However, due to the small study size, there is insufficient evidence to recommend selenium as a necessary supplement for those with psoriasis.


Throughout their findings, the group suggests that those patients who have a body mass index of 25 or greater should opt for a hypocaloric diet to lose weight. This is a very low-calorie diet that will help the patient lose a significant amount of weight. The weight loss can help to decrease the symptoms of psoriasis, especially in those who have arthritis psoriasis.

On the subject of arthritic psoriasis, the researchers did find that patients who consumed an oral vitamin D supplement once a day for at least six months saw significant improvement in their arthritic symptoms. Therefore, it’s recommended that patients with arthritic psoriasis consume .5 microgram tablets of alfacalcidol or .5 two microgram tablets of calcitriol daily. Improvement in arthritic symptoms should be expected at about the six-month mark of daily consistent consumption.

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