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You can diet, exercise and still not rid yourself of those love handles, bat wings or spare tire. Genetics and age can play a role stubborn excess pesky fat that gets the way of feeling comfortable and confident in your clothing. Whether it is a tummy pooch after pregnancy, bulges along the hips and back, or a double chin, localized fat pockets can be tough to get rid of permanently. Before now, liposuction was one of the only treatments that could rid you of stubborn fat. While the surgery is effective, it can be expensive, painful and requires significant down time after surgery.


Today, nonsurgical or minimally invasive body contouring technology offers people an alternative to liposuction. These techniques have gained popularity because they do not require incisions, anesthesia, are painless, do not require downtime and are more affordable than liposuction. These new state-of-the-art treatments use methods to target and destroy undesirable fat cells, which your body then eliminates.

Kwan Dermatology offers the latest, leading fat contouring technology. A consultation with one of our highly trained staff members will help you to decide which procedure might work best to eliminate stubborn fat from your problem areas.

One of our most popular and effective treatments for removing body fat is CoolSculpting. This procedure works well for patients who have already lost weight, but are dealing with areas of localized fat. This treatment uses a cooling device to literally freeze fat cells, without damaging the surrounding tissues. Once these fat cells die, they are naturally flushed out by the body over the days and weeks after the procedure. It will take approximately three months for see the final results.


While some have concerns about excess fat on their belly, thighs, arms and love-handles, others have small pockets of fat that make their faces appear undefined and create a less angular jawline. Most people refer to this fat as a “double chin.” Additionally, the skin around the neck and jawline can sag, causing you to look older. To treat these conditions, Kwan Dermatology offers two distinct treatments – Kybella and Ultherapy.


If you are close to your target weight, but have areas of fat that aren’t responding to your diet and exercise plan, Kwan Dermatology Center offers several solutions to help you reach your physical goals.


At Kwan Dermatology Center, we offer an array of non-surgical, non-invasive procedures for removing stubborn fat deposits on the body. We offer the most advanced and fastest technologies on the market, which allows us to help each and every patient achieve their aesthetic goals. If you’ve been exercising and dieting but still troubled by fat pockets in certain areas of the body such as the belly, thighs, back or chin, we are here to help! After you schedule an appointment with one of our medically trained team members, they will tailor a treatment plan to your needs that will deliver the results you are looking for. The most popular and effective treatments for non-surgical fat removal that we offer are Coolsculpting, Kybella and Ultherapy.