What Is V-Beam Technology?

A type of pulsed-dye laser, V-Beam technology is a vascular laser that is used to treat a variety of skin-related issues. These include issues like rosacea, where there are broken capillaries, and issues with pigmentation, such as freckles. V-Beam technology can even be used to speed up the healing process of many common cosmetic surgeries.

How Does V-Beam Technology Work?

The V-Beam technology uses various colored dyes to create different colors of light which are then pulsed onto the skin. The specific color of the light that will be used will depend on what the skin issue is and how it’s being treated. For example, utilizing a yellow light allows the blood vessels to absorb it. These vessels then collapse and naturally break down. During this process, the collapsed vessels don’t damage any of the surrounding skin cells. The body will then flush the collapsed vessels out of your system through its natural elimination process.

During the actual V-Beam treatment, you’ll experience little discomfort. For those who have sensitive skin, lidocaine may be recommended to help with pain relief. Each patient will need to use protective eyewear during their treatment session. You can expect to feel a cool spray on your skin which will help to glide the device across the surface of your skin effectively.

What Skin Conditions Will V-Beam Treat?

As you learned above, there are two categories of skin conditions that this will treat. The first is skin issues related to broken capillaries. These include the following:

This pulsed-dye laser (PDL) treatment method can also be used for skin conditions that are due to pigmentation problems. A few examples of these conditions that can be treated with V-Beam technology include:

V-Beam technology holds many benefits over various other forms of PDL treatment. The most obvious is the fact that the V-Beam is so targeted that it can treat small areas like individual brown spots. It’s intended to treat smaller imperfections in the skin instead of larger ones.

This treatment option is recommended for various skin tone types ranging in the pale to olive skin tone levels. Those with darker skin tones are not recommended to have this type of treatment as the melanin in the darker skin can block out the laser wavelengths. If you’re not sure if your skin is eligible for V-Beam Technology, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Kwan to find out.

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