A double chin can be frustrating, especially when it doesn’t seem to go away with diet and exercise. Surgery has traditionally been the solution to a double chin, but Kybella® is now one of the most popular options available for facial contouring.

Dr. Kwan offers Kybella, a way to melt fat under the chin without downtime, surgery, or incisions. After a simple injection session at our San Francisco office, you can achieve a slimmer, more contoured jawline.

What is Kybella?

A double chin, or submental fat, is fat that exists under the jawline. A double chin can occur in anyone regardless of weight. It can be frustrating to get rid of since it’s typically resistant to weight loss efforts. Some people simply have a double chin even if they’re at a normal weight.

Kybella is an injectable treatment made with synthetic deoxycholic acid. The natural form of this ingredient is found in your digestive system and is responsible for digesting fats. When it’s injected under the chin, it can destroy fat cells permanently. This makes it one of the few permanent ways to get rid of a double chin that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Am I A Good Candidate for Kybella?

Kybella can be a great option for you if you’re frustrated with submental fat but don’t want to get surgery. In order to get best results, you should be overall healthy and live an active lifestyle. Kybella requires multiple treatment sessions so you should be committed to keeping your schedule for best results. You’ll discuss factors like your health history and goals for treatment during your consultation with our team. Our team will also develop a personalized treatment package, so you have an estimate of how many treatments to expect.

How is Kybella Performed?

Kybella is performed using a topical numbing cream due to the sensitive nature of the treatment area. Once the area is numbed and cleansed, the product will be injected in a specific grid pattern to ensure it’s evenly distributed. This can be as many as a few dozen small injections. Once complete, you can return home. In all, the process can take around one hour.

Kybella Aftercare

It’s normal to experience some swelling, numbness, redness, and sensitivity after each session. Make sure to avoid rubbing or touching the treatment area for a few days after treatment since this can worsen side effects. Additionally, you can take Tylenol to relieve discomfort (avoid ibuprofen since it can cause bruising). It can also be helpful to apply a protected ice pack for 15 minutes at a time. Finally, keep your head elevated while sleeping for the first few days and avoid vigorous exercise to prevent swelling.

When Will I See Results?

Most patients require a package of six treatments spaced about one month apart, but you’ll begin to see noticeable results after 2-4 treatments.

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