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Project Description

While some laser treatments are designed to reverse the signs of aging or acne scarring, other lasers are perfect for getting a smoother, brighter complexion and preventing the early signs of aging. The Clear + Brilliant laser way created by Solta Medical and is one of the most gentle laser treatments available on the market. Clear + Brilliant penetrates your skin at a much lighter depth than other lasers, and because its beam is released in a pixelated pattern, it only affects a percentage of the treatment area. This means that after treatment, the healthy cells that are left behind respond by healing the surrounding tissues. This regenerative reaction is what actually helps to rejuvenate the skin after a treatment.

Clear + Brilliant offers two different treatments: Clear + Brilliant Original reduces pore size, fine lines and improves skin texture and tone. Clear + Brilliant Permea also corrects fine lines and pore size, but because it is a shallower laser than the original, it is a fantastic treatment for uneven skin pigmentation such as melasma. It is also perfect for reversing minor sun damage. Not only is Clear + Brilliant a great preventative skincare technique, it is also a good way to maintain the results of other more intense treatments. For patients who have moderate to severe skin conditions, there are other laser treatment options such as Fraxel that will work better.

During treatment, you will wear protective eyewear and the skin will be treated with numbing cream. This is when the handheld laser device is smoothed over the treatment areas for about 15 minutes – causing a tingling sensation. Depending on the condition of your skin, 3 to 5 sessions is usually recommended to see optimal results. You will have to make sure you schedule treatments 3 to 4 weeks apart. You should see some immediate improvement from a treatment, but improvement will be more obvious after further sessions. If you are seeking preventative skincare treatments or are interested in combatting the signs of age, Kwan Dermatology can assist you in determining whether Clear + Brilliant is a viable option to help you achieve your skin goals.