Project Description

Kwan Dermatology offers many laser treatment options because each laser delivers a specific kind of energy that works to address particular skin conditions. The MedLite laser was launched almost 20 years ago and has been used to improve the complexion and treat common conditions such as sun damage or brown spots. To this day, it is the go-to laser for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. MedLite works well for brown spots and tattoos is because of its ability to selectively target dark pigment. The laser itself delivers light energy in a series of rapid pulses that physically break up the dark pigment in the skin, causing it to spread and eventually clear. Because the energy is delivered in nanoseconds, it is absorbed quickly and keeps the surrounding skin safe.

Today there is an updated version of the MedLite laser called the MedLite C6 that utilizes a new kind of laser energy called PhotoAcoustic Light, which releases less heat than normal laser procedures. This technology also delivers high-speed light energy, but the bonus is that it creates a gentle vibration deep into the skin layers that smooths wrinkles and acne scars and stimulates the production of collagen — the building block of more youthful, refreshed skin. This treatment also differs from other skin resurfacing techniques because it treats the entire surface of the skin in one treatment. This allows your skin to show results more quickly than other laser treatments. During treatment, you will see spots changing color to gray or white and then turning darker and sloughing off after a week or two revealing a brighter complexion.

The number of MedLite treatments needed to diminish or resolve dark spots or tattoos varies from case to case. Often, a doctor will perform a test treatment to discern how your skin will respond to MedLite laser treatments. If you have an unwanted tattoo, dark spots, acne scarring, or other skin conditions that you want to resolve, please contact Kwan Dermatology to schedule a consultation to find out if MedLite laser treatments can help you achieve bright, clear skin.