Project Description

Despite all the advice we hear from doctors and dermatologists about protecting our skin from the sun, skin-cancer rates have been on the rise for 30 years. Nearly five million Americans are treated yearly and the likelihood of someone getting skin cancer has risen 300% since 1994. There are three major types of skin cancer – the most common is basal cell carcinoma. The second most common is squamous cell carcinoma and the third is melanoma – the most dangerous of the three. Basal cell carcinoma has three forms, superficial (the least worrisome), nodular (the most common), and morpheaform (the most challenging). Squamous cell carcinoma makes up about 20% of all skin cancer cases and is most often found in people who are experiencing immunosuppression from HIV or cancer treatment drugs. The least common of these is melanoma, which is more concerning because it is likely to grow and spread if not treated early.

Many skin cancer treatments are available to bring your skin back to health. These vary depending on the seriousness of your skin cancer. Topical medications such as creams, gels, and solutions can be used to treat less serious skin cancers. These treatments can stimulate the body’s immune system and cause it to combat cancer. Electrodesiccation, or EDC, can be used to remove larger skin cancers. Some additional treatments include cryosurgery, photodynamic therapy, and laser surgery. Kwan Dermatology offers the most advanced technologies available on the market and can assist in restoring your skin back to health.