Project Description

The Vbeam laser falls into the category of the pulsed-dye laser, or PDL, and is also referred to as a vascular laser because it is excellent at treating issues related to the blood vessels, such as broken capillaries, rosacea, port wine stains, spider veins, and more. It also addresses pigmentations such as freckles, sunspots, and other skin irregularities such as stretch marks or acne scarring. It is also often used to speed up the healing process after cosmetic surgery procedures.

The laser uses dye to create different colors of laser light, which reach the skin with a pulse. The color of the light depends on what is being treated. Yellow light, for instance, is specifically designed to be absorbed by blood vessels, causing them to collapse without doing any damage to the surrounding skin cells. That means that your doctor can customize the V-beam treatment depending on what he/she is targeting – from redness to dark spots – and can cause them to break down and naturally flush from the body.

Vbeam is a fantastic laser for small targeted areas, such as large blood vessels or individual brown spots, but is not really the correct treatment for large areas. IPL is designed to treat large areas of sun damage or brown discoloration on the face, chest, arms, or back.

During the treatment, there is very little discomfort, but more intensive treatments may require a topical anesthetic such as lidocaine. You will be required to wear protective eyewear and you may feel a cool cryogen spray across your skin as the handheld device glides across the skin. Vbeam is very effective on pale skin, but only works moderately well on olive skin and is not recommended for dark skin tones because the melanin in the skin will block out the laser wavelength.

If you have broken capillaries, rosacea, port wine stains, or any other vascular irregularities and would like to see them diminished, Kwan Dermatology can help you determine if Vbeam is the treatment for your skin goals.