GentleMax laser treatment is a popular treatment option at Kwan Dermatology because it is suitable for a wide variety of patients and purposes. Many patients are surprised to learn that this treatment can be used for many different skin conditions, and that they may be candidates for the procedure even if they aren’t suited to other laser treatments.

What Can the GentleMax Laser Treat?

One of the biggest benefits of GentleMax laser treatment is that it is useful in treating a variety of skin conditions, as well as removing unwanted hair. The laser can be used for permanent laser hair removal, sunspots and sun damage, redness or broken blood vessels, or uneven skin tone. GentleMax laser treatment is suitable and safe to use on the face or body, including areas such as the neck or chest which commonly see signs of aging, or the legs and arms, where patients commonly wish to remove unwanted hair.

What is GentleMax Laser Treatment Like?

The GenleMax laser treatment is usually performed after first applying a topical numbing cream to the area. Following this step, which generally takes about 20-30 minutes, the laser is directed to the treatment area through a handpiece. GentleMax uses a patented cooling system, which in combination with numbing cream means the treatment should be both comfortable and highly effective.

After your GentleMax laser appointment is complete, you may feel some side effects like swelling, tenderness, or redness, which are temporary. Some conditions require multiple sessions to fully resolve and reach your goal results.

Who is a Candidate for GentleMax Laser Treatment?

Unlike most laser treatments, GentleMax is suitable for patients of many skin tones, including tan or dark skin tones. The dual laser functionality of GentleMax laser makes it highly customizable. Dr. Kwan specializes in ethnic skin care, and he and his staff frequently recommend this treatment to patients who can’t receive other laser treatments due to their skin tone.

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