Fraxel laser treatments are powerful and effective for a wide variety of skin concerns, but as with most treatments, it’s best to be informed before you get started. Many patients are unsure of how Fraxel lasers work, what they can treat, and what they should do before and after their appointments. The best way to learn about Fraxel laser treatment is to schedule a consultation, but here are a few of the basics before your first appointment.

What Can Fraxel Lasers Treat?

Fraxel lasers can treat many skin concerns, but it’s best to seek a Fraxel laser treatment for a particular, single concern rather than overall rejuvenated skin. Some common concerns include fine lines, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, or acne scars. With a particular concern in mind, Dr. Kwan and our team will be able to determine the specific treatment that’s best for you. Fraxel laser treatments aren’t one-size-fits-all, so it’s best to treat one concern at a time to achieve your ideal results.

What Do Fraxel Lasers Do?

Unlike some invasive, harsh laser treatments of the past, Fraxel lasers work by emitting thousands of micro-beams to the skin’s surface. Fraxel lasers may be ablative, meaning they cause tiny, micro-wounds in the skin, or non-ablative, meaning they work by heating the skin. In either case, Fraxel laser treatments are intended to stimulate your own collagen production. Most patients will feel a tingling or perhaps stinging sensation, but you will likely receive a numbing cream before your treatment to avoid pain.

How Many Fraxel Laser Treatments Should I Have?

Fraxel laser treatments are very effective and work by stimulating the healing response, but overdoing your treatments can result in scarring. Most professionals recommend that you have no more than 3-5 Fraxel laser treatments, spaced at least a month apart. Dr. Kwan will recommend a treatment plan that will be most effective for you.

What Should I Do Before and After Fraxel Laser Treatment?

Before your Fraxel laser treatment, it’s important to maintain a consistent skincare routine to avoid any changes in your skin’s condition. Stick with the products you typically use for at least four weeks before and after the treatment, avoiding adding any new topical or oral medications or products. This includes products designed for your skin and medications for your general health. For example, if you become sick before your treatment and require antibiotics, be sure to inform Dr. Kwan.

It’s also important to avoid excess sun exposure. Wear adequate SPF daily and avoid exposure to direct sunlight as much as possible in the weeks before and after your Fraxel laser treatment. This will allow for proper healing and protect your skin.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about Fraxel laser treatments, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kwan at Kwan Dermatology in San Francisco, CA. Call (415) 217-3880 or request an appointment online to get started.