Project Description

Faces age in different ways. Some people first notice fine lines and wrinkles as they age, while others notice a loss of volume, causing hollowing. For people who particularly notice deeper creases from the nose to the mouth, known commonly as marionette lines and as nasolabial folds by dermatologists, Belotero is the ideal solution. The molecular size in Belotero is specially designed to correct smaller lines on the face, particularly around the mouth and nose area. Belotero is a thinner substance than other injectable products, such as Resytlane or Juvederm, allowing it to be injected at a more shallow skin depth to fill in smaller lines around the mouth and face without causing bumps or uneven-ness.

Belotero, like most other injectables, is made with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that is found naturally in the skin and lubricates the joints. It also absorbs water, delivers nutrients, and acts as a cushioning agent. When injected into the skin, it behaves like a sponge and expands to fill in wrinkles and support sunken areas.

Unlike some dermal fillers, Belotero does not come premixed with lidocaine so many doctors hand mix it with a similar numbing substance to make the injections more comfortable. While Belotero can be used on fine lines on any part of the face, it is best used to smooth fine lines around the mouth. Belotero is a quick procedure that requires no downtime and has minimal side effects, including temporary redness, tenderness, and minor swelling or bruising near the injection site. If you have marionette lines, or fine lines around your mouth, that you would like to be free of, please contact Kwan Dermatology to schedule a consultation with one of our highly-trained medical professionals to determine if Belotero is the best treatment method to achieve your aesthetic goals.