There are many types of skin lesions that can cause patients to seek care from a dermatologist, ranging from dark age spots to moles to warts. CellFX is a new technology that can affectively remove these unwanted bumps or spots, leaving behind healthy, beautiful skin. Dr. Kwan can provide this cutting-edge treatment for dermatology patients in San Francisco.

What is CellFX?

CellFX is a treatment option for a broad range of skin conditions and benign pigmented lesions throughout the face or body. It works using a unique, patented technology known as Non-Pulse Stimulation, in which rapid energy pulses are administered to the lesion. This causes skin cells to regenerate while leaving non-cellular collagen undamaged. CellFX is often used as an alternative to traditional removal methods like freezing, burning, or chemical removal with less unnecessary damage or risk for surrounding skin. For most patients, ideal results can be seen after just one CellFX treatment session, and results are noticeable within about a month after treatment.

What is Recovery Like After CellFX?

Most patients can immediately return to their normal routines with no downtime after CellFX. Dr. Kwan will apply a healing ointment or bandage as necessary to the treatment area. There is a short healing period, which varies depending on the size of the treatment area, the type of lesion you have treated, your skin type, and other factors. Dr. Kwan will give you specific instructions regarding caring for your skin through this healing period and what you can expect. On average, patients will see their treated lesions clear within 30-60 days after treatment as skin cells regenerate. The skin will completely return to a normal and improved appearance within 90 days at most.

How Long Does CellFX Take?

The total CellFX treatment usually only takes about 15 minutes to complete, but may last longer if you are treating a larger number of lesions. Your appointment at Kwan Dermatology may last about 30 minutes to an hour in total to accommodate preparing your skin for the treatment by marking the treatment area and applying a local anesthetic. During a consultation or while scheduling your appointment, Dr. Kwan or our staff can explain what you can expect from your CellFX treatment session.

Am I a Candidate for CellFX?

Most patients who have unwanted bumps, marks, or skin lesions such as seborrheic keratosis (commonly known as “liver spots” or “age spots”), enlarged oil glands, warts, or moles are good candidates for CellFX. The treatment can be an alternative for options such as freezing or excision. CellFX is suitable for lesions found on the face, hands, feet, shoulders, or virtually any other area of the body. During a consultation, Dr. Kwan will examine the treatment area and recommend whether CellFX is your best option.


Is CellFX covered by insurance?

CellFX® is an innovative new procedure and as such, it is not covered by insurance. At your consultation, we can discuss the expected costs for your needs and explain our self-pay payment options.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about CellFX and find out if you are a suitable candidate, schedule a consultation at Kwan Dermatology. Call our San Francisco office at (415) 217-3880 or contact us online to set up your first appointment.