Project Description

We all want to look younger, and thanks to advancements in the dermatology field, we have a number of cosmetic treatments available to turn back the hands of time. Everybody loves a non-invasive procedure, but Omnilux is a game-changer because it is pain-free and requires no downtime, unlike laser or IPL treatments. Omnilux is one of the leading light therapy devices on the market and it was developed after 12 years of medical testing, so it is safe as well as effective. Not only that, patients rave about how it leaves the skin looking bright, dewy, and poreless.

The Omnilux treatment uses three different kinds of light frequencies to achieve results like these. Revive Light energizes, rejuvenates, and repairs damaged skin and uneven skin tones. It delivers a specific wavelength of red light that penetrates the skin layers and stimulates the production of collagen. Near-infrared (Plus Light) is also used for skin rejuvenation, but when combined with Omnilux Revive, it can also accelerate the healing of wounds. Blue light is known to kill bacteria, and when combined with Revive Light, it soothes redness and inflammation caused by acne. This powerful combination of rejuvenating and healing modalities is what makes Omnilux such a popular and effective treatment.

Depending on your skin condition, your doctor may recommend multiple treatments to reach your aesthetic goals. Whether you are looking to brighten your complexion, diminish fine lines, or alleviate acne and heal symptoms, Kwan Dermatology can help determine the best treatment for your skin goals.