Project Description

Kwan Dermatology patients come from all walks of life, but one thing they all share is an appreciation for a natural-looking appearance. We are known for being leaders in adopting the latest state-of-the-art technology in a quest to help our patients maintain their youthful and natural-looking appearance. This is why we were honored to lead the way in the use of Silhouette Instalift.

Fillers are a great option to replace the facial volume that is naturally lost with aging. However, as time marches on, continuing to increase the amount of filler to the face can make someone appear overfilled and unnatural looking – especially when making expressions.

Silhouette Instalift is like having a facelift, without the surgery. The system utilizes suture threads that are inserted into the high parts of your cheeks, angled towards the mouth area. Once inserted, the threads are tugged up and locked into place. The sutures feature small knot or cone-like bumps that stimulates a response under that skin that stimulates the body to produce collagen. Over time, the sutures will naturally be absorbed by your body and collagen production will continue. Since no surgery is required, this procedure does not require general anesthesia and takes place right in the Kwan Dermatology office.

The doctor will administer a local anesthetic to the area before the procedure, so you won’t feel any pain. The procedure takes less than an hour. The effects can be seen immediately and the recovery time takes only a few days. Moreover,  there is no scarring with the Silhouette Instalift procedure. Once completed your face will have a more youthful contour. This procedure is ideal for people who want to lift the lower part of their face.

If your skin is sagging and you are noticing that you are developing jowls, Silhouette Instalift could be right for you. If you would like to discuss your concerns and Silhouette Instalift with the Kwan Dermatology team, please contact us to schedule a consultation.