Project Description

If you’ve ever worn pants in hot weather because you didn’t dare show your legs – or covered up head-to-toe in a full-length sundress when you wished you were wearing nothing but a swimsuit  – Zwave technology is for you, and Kwan Dermatology can help.

Zwave is a painless radial-pulse energy technology that firms skin elasticity and smooths cellulite by breaking up and temporarily shrinking fat cells before eliminating them through improved circulation and lymphatic drainage.

How Is The Treatment Done?

Treatment begins with one of our medically-trained team members applying liquid to the targeted area, to help the Zwave wand glide smoothly over the skin. The team member then calibrates the laser for optimal results, based on the targeted treatment area. As the wand moves and penetrates deep into the tissue, you’ll hear a soft drum-like sound.

Zwave feels similar to a repeated, rapid-beat finger flicking against your skin – however the wand doesn’t remain in any one location long enough for discomfort. Zwave treatments take about 5 minutes for an area about the size of a sheet of paper.

Kwan Dermatology’s medically-trained professionals are highly skilled in the specific way that the Zwave wand is applied to the treatment area. These techniques ensure that the sound waves reach the deepest tissue in order to achieve the best possible results.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Cellulite treatments require 10 – 12  treatments over a period of three weeks, followed by one monthly treatment to maintain results.

When Zwave is used in combination with CoolSculpting and/or Kybella to improve results and speed healing time, only one treatment is needed.

What Is The Recovery Time?

Zwave requires no recovery time.

What Can I Expect & What Are The Results?

Zwave visibly eliminates the appearance of unwanted lumps, bumps, and dimples associated with cellulite. With regular maintenance, Zwave radial vibration softens fat cells and firms your skin. Each repeat treatment improves your circulation – eliminating the congestion that compounds the production of cellulite.

ZWave+ CoolSculpting

Unlike other treatment centers, Kwan Dermatology combines Zwave’s groundbreaking radial sound wave laser technology with the latest CoolSculpting treatments to improve fat-freezing results by 60%.

After the fat is frozen with CoolSculpting, the frozen fat crystals must be broken down to allow the body to eliminate them. Until Zwave, a cringe-causing hand massage of the frozen fat bulge area was the only method used to do this.

Kwan Dermatology uses Zwave to more effectively and more comfortably break up the frozen fat crystals following CoolSculpting. Zwave not only shatters the crystals into tiny particles (which allows the body to flush them out more easily), but also increases circulation and activates the body’s lymphatic drainage system to permanently eliminate the fat.

Zwave is not only painless, it also significantly reduces the discomfort and potential side effects of bruising and swelling that occurs with older CoolSculpting  technology (still used in most other practices). Zwave is capable of penetrating much deeper into tissue than hand massage, offering a dignified alternative with 60% more fat loss, while at the same time accelerating healing significantly. Only one treatment is needed after CoolSculpting. But Zwave applications don’t stop at cellulite and Coolsculpting.

ZWave + Kybella

Zwave increases results when paired with Kybella for permanent fat loss under the chin. Twenty-four hours after a Kybella treatment, Kwan Dermatology combines a quick Zwave treatment to the injection area to reduce bruising and swelling. Not only does Zwave have zero recovery time, it reduces discomfort and speeds healing after Kybella treatment.

For cellulite or with CoolSculpting and/or Kybella treatments, Zwave is a scientifically-proven, painless technology that stimulates circulation for immediate, visible results with no, or accelerated recovery times. While others still use older methods, Kwan Dermatology pairs leading technologies like Zwave with our trusted medical experts for the best possible results.